So so sorry...My application

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So so sorry...My application

Post by Omnicosmus on Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:14 pm

Hey uhm...I read the pokemon classes and all, but...Im DYING to be a Baltoy...just dying to be one Sad can you please just this ONE time...make an exception? Im a very spiritual person, and i really like the move cosmic power and claydol in general! I am only asking and if you say no im totally with you on your decision! RPGs like this are hard to find!

Starter Pokémon: Baltoy, if not then Eevee please.
Pokémon name: Omnimaximus or Omni for short. If not then Yereion

Pokémon Gender: No gender. If not then Male.

Where did you hear about us: I was desperately searching for a game where you could be a pokemon Razz


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